Lollipop Train

Lollipop Train

Lollipop Train

Lollipop Farm was a wonderful experience in the 1950s and 1960s. It was a 4-acre farm, children’s zoo, and they even had a Lollipop Train! It would take the children around the zoo and it was so much fun! People came to the Lollipop Farm in droves from all of Long Island, New York City, and Connecticut. If you have a grandparent who grew up around here, ask them and they will remember Lollipop Farm so  fondly! Go back in time and experience the Lollipop Train!

Lollipop Farm is on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Jericho Turnpike in Syosset. It closed in 1967, and the Lollipop Farm Train was put into  storage. Over the next 45 years, it changed hands many times until the Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association (GCHA) decided to take on the huge task of restoring it to its former glory. Many members of the GCHA, some of whom have vast experience restoring old vehicles, worked endlessly prepping, painting, welding, preparing, and laying track to get the Lollipop Train ready!

According to Eva Sweeny Mancuso, Lollipop Farm, with its petting zoo and train, was one of Syosset's main attractions for many years. It was developed by her parents, Harry and Alice Sweeny, and opened  in June 1950. She said, "My dad was the Assistant General Director of the Bronx (Park) Zoo in the 40s and he designed their Children's Zoo.” Mrs. Sweeny authored several children's books about the farm. Lollipop Farm closed in 1967 after finding homes for all the animals.

When Lollipop Farm closed, the train transferred into private hands, who donated it to another organization. After they displayed the train  cars in one of their exhibits, it was relocated to one of the barns, and there it sat for 10 years. They agreed to pass ownership on to the GCHA, and it was restored.

The Lollipop Train runs over the summer every Saturday at the Gardiner Farm Stand. Bring your kids or grandkids by and tell them about your time on the Lollipop Farm! The Lollipop Train is located at the John Gardiner Farm, 900 Park Avenue,  Greenlawn, NY 11740.


The Greenlawn Centerport Historical Association is a non-profit membership organization with a mission to preserve the history of the communities of Greenlawn and Centerport, Long Island, New York. 


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